California Partnership for Long-Term Care
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The California Partnership for Long-Term Care (Partnership), a program of the California Department of Health Care Services, has created a powerful tool to assist Partnership-certified agents in educating consumers about long-term care. Developed from the interactive CD, which received a 2006 Gold Award for Excellence in Public Health Information from the National Public Health Information Coalition, this site arms you with a wealth of resources and customizable tools for presentations and one-on-one meetings. You’ll have the materials you need to discuss any concerns a client may have regarding long-term care right at your fingertips.

Unique Features

  • Monthly updated news, facts and figures about long-term care, health insurance, Medi-Cal/Medicare and caregiving
  • Easy access to “Picturing Every Step” video and interactive long-term care quiz to show to clients
  • Easy to navigate dropdown menus, including four LTC-specific options: Getting Started, Long-Term Care, Long-Term Care Insurance and Resources
  • Extensive planning section covering a variety of topics from having a conversation with family and loved ones to how to finance this potential reality
  • Planning tools including various worksheets and calculators
  • Comprehensive industry information including insurance company pages with PDFs of comparable policies and rates
  • A listing of contact information for organizations that can assist with further planning
  • Tailor presentations to different clients, print pages, search by keyword and download PDFs of all Partnership brochures

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For more information, contact the California Partnership for Long-Term Care at (916) 552-8990.


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