California Partnership For
Long-Term Care

Terms of Agreement



Agent Pledge. You agree that you are a qualified and licensed agent able to sell California Partnership for Long-Term Care policies. You agree that you will not present yourself as a representative of or that you are specifically endorsed by the State of California or the Partnership. You agree to work leads in a timely manner making an initial contact effort within fourteen days of the lead assignment. You agree to update the progress of your selling efforts utilizing TL LeadManager or through a paper fax-back procedure furnished to you. Failure to proceed in a timely manner may be cause to have your leads removed. Complaints logged against you by California consumers will be investigated when your conduct and professionalism are under question. Verification of these complaints could be cause for your removal from this lead program. You agree to abide by California Insurance Code: 10234.8. (a) With regard to long-term care insurance, all insurers, brokers, agents, and others engaged in the business of insurance owe a policyholder or a prospective policyholder a duty of honesty, and a duty of good faith and fair dealing. (b) Conduct of an insurer, broker, or agent during the offer and sale of a policy previous to the purchase is relevant to any action alleging a breach of the duty of honesty, and a duty of good faith and fair dealing.

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